March 26, 2020

Wedding Planning During COVID-19

With all the global uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we are having trouble keeping track of days as it feels like we are stuck in a Groundhog’s day movie! The last couple of weeks have been challenging as we are all facing new realities in the midst of this pandemic.

We postponed our first event what seems like forever ago and at the time, that felt incredibly jarring. Now with new restrictions being imposed for the safety of everyone, our May and June are looking even more empty with events being decided on left right and centre. From the first cancelation, we already got a glimpse of how strong our wedding community is. Everyone is pulling together and figuring out how to be increasingly more flexible with their policies as how else will we get through this if we don’t work together?

This post isn’t here to provide any information on the actual Corona Virus, it’s effects, precautions, or anything of a medical nature. We are definitely not the experts when it comes to those issues and things are constantly changing. Please refer to your local health advisories and government websites first to be up to date with the situation and how you should proceed in the best interest of your health and wellness.

What this post hopes to achieve is providing some advice to couples planning their 2020, 2021 and beyond weddings

If you aren’t working with a Wedding Planner or someone to advise you, wedding planning can already feel like a daunting task. Add onto that the current events and it brings on a whole new ballgame of uncertainty.

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If you’re getting married in 2020, what do you tell your guests?

Our thought is that people always like to know what’s going on. It can be challenging as sometimes WE don’t even know, especially in situations like these where things are constantly changing. Guests may feel torn about knowing what to do, whether to plan on attending your wedding or not and what plans they should be making. They also want to know what your thoughts are and may be waiting for direction. A little information doesn’t hurt.

Even if you are still torn and considering your options as it’s a few months away, we suggest sending a message to everyone. Let them know things are top of mind and you’re coming up with a plan. Maybe refer them to your wedding website for the most up to date info. Create a FAQ page or an updated news feed that they can refer to and send emails to let them know when they are updated.

If you don’t have a wedding website, reach out in other ways (email, phone, letter, whatever!) or consider creating one as it can be easier to find everything in one place. There are so many free options! Thankfully with technology at our fingertips, communication is that much easier and accessible to most. Sending out an email or picking up the phone is a great way to stay connected while still maintaining the presently required physical distance. I can tell you now that any sort of communication will go a long way. It shows that you care and it’s a great way to check in with people and see how they are doing during this unnerving time.

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What about your vendors? Communication is still key!

We’ll repeat it again, everyone likes to know what’s going on and that includes your wedding vendors. Reach out to them early as by now they likely have contingency plans in place that they can share with you. It’ll help you get a better idea of how they are dealing with events during this time and start figuring out your options. There’s no harm in getting a little proactive and coming up with your Plan B or even Plan C. The hope is you won’t need them and if you do, at least you’ve had some time to process and handle a change that’s already been thought out.

Your wedding vendors (venue, DJ, hair, makeup artists, transportation, wedding planner, caterers, florist…. you name it!) are here for you and overall want the best for their couples. We want to see you married and happy! We want to work with you to figure out how to make that happen. We are also small businesses that are heavily impacted by this pandemic just like most everyone. Please come from a place of kindness and patience as we navigate this together. It shouldn’t be surprising how creative we can get to come up with case by case options to offer our clients and this situation should be no different.

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How can you take advantage of some extra home time to plan for your wedding?

Instead of focusing on cancelations, smaller guest counts and logistics, you could focus on some of the fun and positive aspects of your wedding day. Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. Choosing your music 🎶 Find some great selections for your Ceremony and Reception and a bonus is you get to listen to your favourites that may have forgotten. The right music really sets the tone and can elevate your mood on the wedding day AND today!

  2. Put together your Slideshow 📽 If you’re preparing this yourself, it’s a fun time to look through all your old pictures from baby to growing up to your lives together as a couple. Revisit those special memories!

  3. Practice your First Dance 💃🏻 Practice makes perfect and this is often something that many feel a little shy or unprepared, so here’s your chance! Find a Youtube tutorial and you’re all set. We also know our friends @jcdanceco have put together some videos to share dance tips!

  4. Start writing your Thank You speech 📝 Maybe you’re bringing up fun memories or maybe you’re keeping it straight forward with who you are acknowledging. Either way, you need something written down to make sure you aren’t forgetting anyone. Write it now and then revisit it later to make sure everything is checked off. If you’re feeling a little nervous to give a speech, it’s a big bonus to have lots of time to practice!

  5. In line with the above speech-writing point, start writing your vows ✏️ This can be a great opportunity for you to feel a deeper connection to each other by reflecting on what makes your relationship and your partner special!

There are so many details with planning a wedding and people find joy in different ones. If you’re feeling unmotivated or disheartened by current events, choose to focus on things that will lift up your spirits and set you right back on track!

We encourage everyone to take some time for themselves.

It may sound silly as it seems like everyone has all the extra time in the world with people choosing to social distance and also self-isolate, but it’s funny how fast the time flies when we are glued to the latest media updates. Take time to tune out the news, stop thinking about work, finances and even *gasp* wedding planning. Do something that makes you feel grounded and sane. Aside from my overstock of snacks, I’m taking time to include a daily workout and personal quiet time (a luxury with a toddler running around) where I lock myself in my office sanctuary and spend time with my plants. Popcorn is also my friend 🍿

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If you’re still finding yourself stuck on how to proceed, please reach out, I would love to hear from you!

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