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Life is busy,
and the amount of time to get everything done isn’t always achievable.

You treasure your relationship as a couple and want your wedding to be a reflection of your common interests and personalities. You also want your day to be special and the days leading up to be stress free. Hiring a Full Service Wedding Planner may be the best decision you can make!

Our Services

Our Services

Full service wedding planning

From budget to vendor sourcing to timelines, we take care of it all and guide you throughout the planning process, making sure you feel supported. We eliminate the guess work out of knowing what to do next, when to do it and handle all the research and communication so you don’t have to. It’ll still be your day with everything tailored to you but we are there to streamline things so that you can feel confident it’s all taken care of on your behalf.


Your investment begins at $8,500 plus tax

Our Services

Our Services

Wedding day management

You have spent what seems like an endless amount of hours, days and months planning the perfect event and now you need some help to tie up loose ends and carry it through. As your Wedding Day Coordinator, we step in to make sure your hard work translates into a seamlessly executed wedding day. Trust us and benefit from our experience to smooth out your plans while keeping your best interest at heart. We keep an eye on things so that you don’t have to worry, making any needed adjustments based on a thorough understanding of your wishes.


Your investment begins at $3,000 plus tax

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have no idea how to start and don’t know what I want for our wedding day. Can you help?

Absolutely! Many of the couples we have worked with are in the same position as you. It’s through getting to know you better that we start figuring out what may suit you best. Ways to inject your personalities as individuals and as a couple into your wedding day are what’s always on our minds and it looks different for each couple. We ask questions to start putting together ideas and we have the experience to successfully execute them.

Q. I like the idea of full planning, but have a few vendors secured already. What can you do for me?

We love putting together custom package options based on your specific needs. Every couple is different and may find them at different points of their wedding planning. The initial consultation is a great place to start to hear about your plans, for us to showcase how we operate and then figure out where we would fit best to support you. We have put together many custom proposals and are confident in providing you with the best options for your consideration!

Q. How do we communicate with you?

Our preferred method of communication is always email and that is because of the searchability factor. For quick conversations, we are open to other ways of staying in touch, but for such things as larger decisions and contract reviews, we prefer email so that everything is tracked and accounted for.

Q. What do you use for organizing our information?

When services start, we put together a shared spreadsheet on GoogleDrive. We have been using it right from the start and have found it to be the best tool to share information to bring all your details together. This is a collaborative document and will be referenced constantly leading up to your wedding.

Q. What languages do you speak?

Mel and Agnes both speak English and Agnes also speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin. We have overseen many weddings of different cultural backgrounds and have not found it to be a hindrance to not speak the same language as all those in attendance. If there is a special request, we can often have an Assistant who speaks a specific language.

Don’t know where to start?

That’s where we come in. Tell us about your vision and we’ll create your story.

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