April 21, 2020
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Planning Your 2021 Wedding

2020 isn’t over yet BUT it’s time to start seriously thinking about your 2021 wedding!

What’s the Rush?

With all the rescheduling going on right now for this year’s weddings, the majority are having to move their plans to future dates. Some may be choosing fall and winter, but summer is definitely the most popular for weddings in Vancouver. Add onto that everyone wants a Saturday, and the number of dates available gets more and more limited. If you planned ahead and already started well in advance, it’s great to have some of your plans in place as 2021 is filling up very quickly! If you’re still figuring out details, don’t worry, as long as you get proactive now and maybe have some flexibility with your expectations, it’s never too late to plan something great for your special day!

Secure Your Favourite Vendors

Everyone has those vendors that they have been following on social media or referred by family and friends, loving the products and services they put out. If you have a special venue, photographer, planner, florist (whatever and whoever!) you have been eyeing for your 2021 wedding, this is the time to reach out to them and show your interest. Start the conversation with them. Gather information on their rates, services and availability for 2021. It’s never too early or too late to get in contact with people as you never know how it will work out until you ask. We want to make it work and will do our best to figure out a way to make things happen. Realistically, availability is getting more and more limited and as Wedding Vendors, we can only take on so many weddings a day/weekend/month/season/year.

I don’t want anyone to be disappointed not being able to get their first pick so get proactive!


Feeling Unmotivated?

I hear you! It’s a strange time and it’s hard to feel the motivation to push forward with anything right now, nevermind planning your dream wedding. Maybe you could think of it as something to look forward to, for you AND your guests. People are dreaming about the day that social interaction can happen again, where we don’t need a reason to see others in person. Why not give them a reason to look forward to even more?

Sure, when things settle, there will be those that may still feel wary. They may still feel remnant hesitation about larger gatherings and if you have out of town guests, there may be hesitation to commit. It will be a very personal decision for how people want to move forward. Keep focused that you will also have many loved ones who can’t wait to celebrate with you and the hope is by next year, it will give time for most everything to return to normal.


If it’s all too much right now, start by finding a Wedding Planner. We are here to guide you through the process of planning your wedding. We work well in unexpected situations and are flexible to adapting to your needs. I have already had couples move from Wedding Day Management to add on customized Partial Planning type services and also rescheduling options. The sky’s the limit and I love figuring out what suits each couple best. Contact me to see how I can support you!



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