June 11, 2020
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10 Intimate Restaurant Wedding Venues in Vancouver

With wedding trends shifting to smaller micro weddings, I have put together a list of 10 Vancouver restaurants that would make the perfect venue. 

If you are considering having a Micro Wedding, take a look at my previous blog post. It dives deeper into what exactly it is and how to figure out if it’s the right option for you!

What do I love about using a restaurant as a wedding venue?

Restaurants are great as many have private rooms to accommodate a smaller group without having too much empty space. You don’t need to do a full restaurant buy-out that way, which could be costly plus if you’re flexible on the time of day and day of the week, you could take advantage of times the restaurant is not usually open and have it to yourselves anyways!

I also love supporting local. During these times where small businesses have remained closed for quite some time, it’s so nice to support the ones we really want to stay open with some business. Who hasn’t dined at a great Vancouver spot and been meaning to return? Maybe you and your partner had your first date there or it’s your neighbourhood favourite! 

I’m always looking for meaningful impacts for your wedding day and what a great way to start by choosing a venue that already has some sentimental value. 

Wedding trends are shifting to smaller micro weddings and today I'm exploring how a restaurant can make the perfect setting for your intimate celebration!
This is a great way to support a local business especially after all the time restaurants have stayed closed over these last few months. Everyone has their favourite spot and you may already have a great choice from a place that is meaningful to you! What a great way to start your wedding planning by incorporating a location that holds sentimental value 💕
Take a look at the link in profile to read more about utilizing a restaurant as your wedding venue along with 10 that I think could be the perfect choice! I also have a couple tips that could help with cost-savings, which is always a bonus!
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Here are 10 great Restaurant options around Vancouver that could fit the bill, providing an intimate setting, great backdrop and delicious food and beverage options (some award winning!) for your consideration:

Chambar Restaurant

Located in downtown Vancouver, such a beautiful space serving Belgian cuisine and a great selection of beers and wines. The decor in the restaurant is already great! Add a few floral accents and you’re already all set!

Cafe Medina

Did you know that your favourite breakfast and brunch spot also hosts small events? This is one of my personal favourites. The lavender lattes and waffles are amazing! 

Stanley Park Tea House

Use their outdoor and indoor space by having your ceremony on the lawn and still have indoor options in case of rain or just the look you’re going for. They have smaller room options to accommodate you best. Right in Stanley Park might not fit the bill right away with the car restrictions, but once these are lifted, the park is many couples’ ideal for all the beautiful picture locations.


Super industrial-chic cool in Gastown. Great spaces inside the main restaurant and also their private glasshouse dining room. Be careful with heels on the cobblestone walkways outside, but enjoy the cool vibes for your photos!

Prospect Point

If you’re looking for amazing views, this is the place! Also located in Stanley Park, the restaurant went through renovations not too long ago and would be a great spot for your celebrations. The patio has views of Lions Gate Bridge and the inside has lots of glass windows and modern wood walls giving that Westcoast feel. 

Seasons in the Park

A mainstay Vancouver restaurant at Queen Elizabeth Park, the restaurant is large and has a few private dining areas for you to choose from. You could have everything in one or choose to hold your ceremony a few steps away at the Celebration Pavilion at Queen Elizabeth Park. Again, I’m all about finding areas closeby for the perfect wedding pictures and it’s easy being in the park already!

Hawksworth Restaurant

Perfect for an classy intimate event. Hawksworth’s York dining room has beautiful chandeliers and warm tone accents in the draped windows, carpets and bits of stained glass. A true classic wedding and a great size for a smaller occasion. 

Blue Water Cafe

Located in Yaletown, Blue Water Cafe has a few different room options for private parties and I love the ones that are surrounded by wine. If you are a seafood and wine lover, the perfect restaurant choice for your special day. 

Koerner’s Pub

A little bit different as a more casual option although their outdoor space you can do a lot with! Have it tented, set up string lights, different table configurations. It could be a lot of fun transforming the space to what you want. Inside is great for a long table wedding.

Brix & Mortar 

One of my favourites for a great wedding vibe! The location in Yaletown is great, as is the venue. The Ceremony space is many couples’ ideal with the exposed brick, creeping vines and chandelier. So many ways I have seen this space decorated and all are beautiful, keeping it simple with candles or adding a lot of florals. The outside is enclosed so no need to worry about the weather. 

How do you choose?

There are so many wonderful options to choose from and so many that I haven’t mentioned. It’s hard to go through all of Vancouver’s restaurants as we are fortunate to have great dining in the city! Do you have a favourite restaurant or idea for somewhere unique or special to you? I would love to hear some other suggestions to expand on this list!

If you haven’t seen a restaurant host a wedding before, don’t be afraid to reach out. It could be something new and fun that they would love to consider. Everyone is looking for new ways to adjust their businesses to the current pandemic times and beyond as things get back to the new normal and creativity is really coming out!

My favourite restaurant is a little big, could it still work?

Absolutely some larger venues could still work really well for your smaller wedding size! It all depends on what elements you choose to include for your day. If you’re looking for a dance floor, a separate bar set up, a lounge, photo station area, buffet service.. the list can go on what you can add in! These areas can take up extra space so even the larger venues could still have that intimate feel and there are lots of areas to take advantage of for that personal touch!

Make that list!

Whatever you end up deciding, make a list of your top priorities to start with and work from there. It’s good to have a couple key ideas in mind that you can look back on to make sure you’re keeping to what’s important to you.

Feeling bogged down with all the options and can’t see how it can come together to fit your vision? Unsure of what your vision even is? Don’t worry, I have seen plenty of couples in the exact same situation. I love providing couples with our complimentary consultation to see if we would be a good fit to work together and regardless, I also aim provide you with a few tips to guide you in the right direction! Contact me to find out more


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