About Melanie, Lead Wedding Planner

The planning bug got me early but took a little while to develop into something concrete. It all started when I worked in the sales department of a large and well-known hotel in downtown Vancouver. I assisted with booking event space for meetings and conferences as well as room blocks which then led to planning client events from start to finish. Turns out, I have an eye for detail and organization. Seeing an event come together is a great feeling especially when you know you had a hand in making it happen!

Six years ago I was asked to help at my first wedding. It started out small, taking care of details on the day of the event, overseeing deliveries, setup and acting as a go-between with vendors, guests and the wedding party. From there I got hooked. With a wedding, all aspects of planning an event are there and to the extreme. Being able to pull together all the various elements of what is sometimes such a grand event can be challenging but I found that I thrive under that pressure and even excel at it. Seeing the happy faces of my clients and their families is the greatest thanks I can receive and I just can't get enough!

I have been fortunate to be a part of many weddings now, experiencing different cultural aspects, wants, needs, ideas and all taking place at such beautiful venues, even including a gorgeous palace in Austria! I look forward to sitting down with you and together I know we can develop something unique and special to set your day apart and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Things I love

  • Spreadsheets. It might be strange but spreadsheets make me extremely happy! From planning events and weddings to travel itineraries, colour coded with lots of tabs is the way to go! 
  • Vancouver... I love Vancouver in the summer. Seeing tourists walking around our city makes me happy with their fanny packs, maps, cruise wear and tour stickers. 
  • Walking everywhere. I am fortunate to live close to just about everything and I love being able to walk! I own gumboots and a great rain coat - a must for this city!
  • Riding my bike and rollerblading around the Seawall - night time is best, no crowds! Just make sure you have a good light!
  • Discovering new places, exploring and trying new restaurants. We are fortunate to have so many great options and it's always fun trying something new!
  • Exclamation marks!!! Be prepared to see lots in our email correspondence because I get super excited about hearing all about your event and your ideas!